2 Tips for Providing Advice to a Younger Manager

It’s not uncommon in today’s organizations to have managers of all ages and levels of experience. More seasoned managers often have insight and advice, but may fear doling it out at the risk of curbing the enthusiasm newer managers bring to the table. Follow these two guidelines next time you want to help a younger manager out:

  1. Understand your own motives. Do you really want to help the manager get better? Or are you looking for an opportunity to point out his annoying faults? Hold your tongue unless you have good intentions.
  2. Frame it in terms of your own experience. Rather than listing out the ways he should change, tell the manager what you have learned along the way. Try something like, “When I first started managing a team, I was overwhelmed.” Then explain what it is you learned. This makes your message less personal and easier to take.

via: http://hbr.org

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